Author:Lowe, Caitlynn
Position:Book review

Lindsay Cameron; BIGLAW; Ankerwycke (Fiction: General) 26.95 ISBN: 9781634250276

Byline: Caitlynn Lowe

Cameron's novel balances familiarity and insanity as it showcases an excess of vices exacting a toll on corporate attorneys.

Former corporate attorney Lindsay Cameron showcases the hostile reality of New York mega-firm life in her exposA[c]-style novel, BIGLAW. While popular fiction often glamorizes such careers, Cameron's novel tells a much less flattering story.

Mackenzie Corbett is a second-year corporate law associate at Freedman & Downs, one of New York's elite mega firms. While working at F&D proves hectic, Corbett's accomplishments get noticed and her career looks promising. Things start falling apart, however, when her workload increases to an incomprehensible degree, causing troubles in her personal life and landing her on the path to an SEC investigation.

Cameron's own background in corporate law provides her story with a sense of credibility, and the book's setting and characters further enhance that quality. Most of the horrors Mackenzie encounters exceed those experienced by the average person working a lower-stress job, but none of them go beyond the limits of imagination since they each address faults lying at the heart of the human condition: greed, jealousy, wrath, and pride...

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