Biggest winner in election 2008: democracy! Biggest winner in 2009: league?


Election 2008 will enjoy an enduring place in our nation's history for many reasons. Among League members, it is likely to be "historic" because of the amazing and passionate display of civic engagement. People--many of whom don't usually participate in the process--were waiting in long lines to cast their votes. And, League members were there to educate, assist and encourage them--to help them become informed voters.

While the participation was inspiring, we know that level of civic engagement can and should be the "norm." We do it every day through our involvement with the League. In the words of Barbara Barker-Krank, a League leader in Torrance, CA, "League gives me the opportunity to see myself as an important element of my own society, the opportunity to learn about societal issues in an unbiased way; and a voice that hopefully will impact improvements. I found my idealistic youth with a more mature practical process to bring about change."

Now that voters have "tasted democracy" and seen the impact that they can have, the question is: How do we keep these individuals engaged? The first way is to invite them to...

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