Big Woods.

Author:Foster, Claire
Position:Book review

May Cobb; BIG WOODS; Midnight Ink (Fiction: Thriller) 15.99 ISBN: 9780738757810

Byline: Claire Foster

Keds, neon, Aqua Net, and Satanic Panic: Big Woods is a satisfying, pulpy mash-up of pop culture references and classic horror. By turns spooky and super sentimental, the novel encapsulates the high emotions of adolescence and the spiritual anxiety that permeated the late 1980s.

After her younger sister Lucy disappears, Leah Spencer starts to think that she may have been kidnapped by a devil-worshiping cult; Lucy isn't the first child to go missing in Longview, Texas.

As Leah searches for her sister, she unravels a decades-old mystery. Against her parents' wishes, she goes deeper and deeper into Big Woods, where street signs "dangle from their metal rusty poles like loose teeth." Leah is led by uncanny, supernatural messages that appear in her dreams, on her family's Commodore 64 screen, and even in the dots on her Lite Brite. Her connection to Lucy is at the core of Big Woods, and it enlivens this story of small-town horror.

Big Woods alternates between Leah's viewpoint and the perspective of Sylvia, an older woman who blames herself...

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