Big things ahead.

Position:A CONVERSATION WITH THE PUBLISHER - Association for Latino Professionals for America and Latino Leaders - Column

A conversation with a CEO of Fortune 500 Corporation is an opportunity that is not easy to get. Imagine getting five for the same edition!

First of all I'd like to recognize the leadership and will to make things happen of Charles Patrick Garcia, the Chief Executive Officer of the Association for Latino Professionals for America, best known as ALPFA. Charlie is taking over this organization and leading an impressive and energetic change, which I would say is to be expected of him.

I knew Charlie Garcia several years ago, while he was leading Sterling, a financial firm based in Florida. Latino Leaders interviewed him at his home and the conversation was both inspiring and visionary. After the interview, Charlie and I started to see each other at important events and I began to have him as a valuable advisor for Latino Leaders.

Leadership is a quality that can be seen from a distance and that is what I always perceived in my encounters with Charlie Garcia. But probably the most impressive chat we had took place a few months ago in Miami, when he starting talking to me about the plans he had for ALPFA; visionary, smart and sense making ideas were discussed in that conversation.

From that moment, I hoped Latino Leaders could become a good supporter of that mission.

Today, I'm proud to say that ALPFA and Latino Leaders have started a great collaboration, whose...

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