Big talk.

Author:Skrhak, K. Shelby

With a flight of three small frozen margaritas lined up in front of me, I admit to my friend while catching up over dinner, "Things have been good. My career and family are great, and the podcast I'm on is doing awesome. But there's something about this year--I've come to realize I really lack self-confidence. Like there are times I don't feel good at what I do, and I'm afraid other people think so, too."

I gulp the raspberry-flavored concoction while I let those words hang.

"But everyone feels that way," she says. "Seriously. There are times when I feel so underqualified and wonder how I got to where I am in my career at all."

She's right. Confidence has a lot to do with that internal voice in your head vocalizing all of the crummy thoughts. I'm reminded about the interview I just did with author and speaker Brian Tracy, who said the mark of self-confidence is self-efficacy, or believing in your ability to perform well in your chosen activity. Those with self-confidence know that no matter the challenge, they'll pull it off and succeed.

I had an Oprah-esque aha moment. Despite the often crummy thoughts in my head, when I take on a new project that requires a new skill, I never doubt that I can be successful.

The podcast is an obvious example. When our producer, Mariana Lenox, approached me about co-hosting the...

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