Big Squid has released its new ultra-fast Kraken Prediction API, providing decision makers and business analysts with real-time predictions that are immediately actionable.

As a testament to the power of the Kraken Prediction API, one early adopter in the financial services industry connected the Kraken Prediction API with their Lending Management System to make real-time lead-buying decisions. With as little as 30-seconds to make a buying decision, the API helps quickly identify at-risk borrowers that may default on the loan or won't get funded before they are acquired, reducing lost income and cutting expenses. "Using Kraken's API, we have been able to make decisions on inbound leads within 30 seconds. In the span of one month, this has enabled us to save $34k and has the potential to save us hundreds of thousands of dollars per year," states this confidential Big Squid customer.

The API makes deploying analyses and taking prescriptive action easier than ever through real-time and row-level predictions integrated directly into Business Intelligence tools, data warehouses, business rules engines, CRM systems, or other software solutions. Matt Belkin, Big Squid's President, explains, "The API is just one more way we are working to democratize data across an entire organization, independent of role or experience with machine learning." He continues, "We have many customers and partners seeking to incorporate machine learning into their product and service offerings. Unfortunately, they lack the resources and know-how to make that happen. The Prediction API changes this entirely, allowing them to incorporate real-time predictions into their custom offerings, how and when they need it."

Enterprises that already use automated machine learning to empower analysts and decision makers are beginning to scale those insights across multiple departments and applications. "We realized that a data-literate organization isn't going to settle for a few teams or individuals leveraging machine...

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