A big-data based marketing effort expands into a merchant-funded rewards program.

PositionExtraco AB - Brief article

Extraco Bank, Temple, Texas, extended its Signing Bonus marketing campaign by creating a merchant funded rewards program called ExtraRewards. ExtraRewards is just one more boost to the strategic effort to raise bank revenue by encouraging customers to make signature-based debit-card transactions.

Under ExtraRewards, debit-card customers who make a signature-based transaction at participating local merchants receive a cash-back reward. Participating merchants are Extraco Banks' business customers.

Extraco provides marketing tools to participating merchants to advertise the program, incenting the bank's customers to use their debit cards as a credit transaction at the retail outlet. Thus, the merchants fund the extra rewards provided to bank customers.

Extraco showcases each merchant on a microsite, www.extracobanks.com/rewards, highlighting their participation and the specific rewards available from...

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