Big bad Brad.

Position:Back Blast & other hot gases

If you don't have the police manpower to get the job done, the smart thing to do is call in a Hollywood star, right? Huh! Yeah, that's our reaction, also. But what do we know?

Russian police in the city of Omsk have recruited Brad Pitt to help reduce traffic accidents. The thinking? Why, Pitt has all that experience chasing down bad guys, destroying international spies and attracting women. (We just threw that last one in. Sorry.)

According to the Russian newspaper Argumenty I Fakty (does that last word look a lot like "flaky," or is it just me looking for a fight?), police officials are counting on Pitt's star power to slow traffic in the Siberian city.

Omsk officials have placed cardboard cutouts of Pitt (we always knew Hollywood stars were shallow) dressed as a traffic cop at the city's...

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