Biden to push new enforceable COVID rules.

U.S. employers should take action now to make sure their COVID safety policies and procedures are compliant with CDC guidance. That's because the incoming Biden administration is expected to quickly issue temporary emergency standards that add more enforcement teeth to current employer COVID safety rules.

Resisting calls for tougher restrictions, the current U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration is using existing standards--specifically OSHA's "general duty clause"--to enforce employer COVID safety.

In the first days after inauguration, look for Biden's new OSHA leaders to set specific, enforceable nationwide COVID standards for employers on issues like:

* Protective equipment, possibly including masks.

* Hygiene and sanitation.

* Social distancing, and requiring remote work when possible.

* Employee training.

* Communication during outbreaks.

It's still unclear whether OSHA will address the COVID vaccine and employer's role in encouraging Americans to get the shot.

Stepped-up enforcement. During the campaign, Biden called for more aggressive enforcement of worker safety rules and said he would...

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