Beyond the Fences.

Beyond the Fences

Muriel W. Sheubrooks

Archway Publishing

9781480876248, $44.95, HC, 506pp,

Synopsis: It is the late 1940s as little Marilyn White grows up in tranquil Kentucky farm country, distant from the countries ravaged by the Second World War. Surrounded by a loving, supportive family, Marilyn's life experiences take her through incredible obstacles and personal growth as her younger sister struggles with a paralyzing illness. As she matures and decides to study in Milan, Marilyn begins executing a plan to achieve her dreams.

As her journey leads her to take flight into the world, Marilyn is catapulted into a dichotomy between freedom gained from worldly experience and protection secured from familiarity. When fate takes the ambitious Marilyn into the sophisticated European industry of high fashion, she finds herself blindsided by those who helped her reach her career goals. While resolving to adhere to family loyalty, Marilyn learns dark, profound secrets from her aging mother that propel her on a new path where she must make dramatic life choices...

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