Beyond the Briar Patch.

Position:Beyond the Briar Patch: Affrilachian Folktales, Food, and Folklore - Brief article - Book review

Beyond the Briar Patch

Retold by Lyn Ford

Parkhurst Brothers Publishers

110 West Main Street

Marion, Michigan 49665

9781624910265 $11.50 ebook

9781624910258 $17.00 pbk.

Beyond the Briar Patch: Affrilachian Folktales, Food and Folklore is an anthology of folklore, including animal/fool/trickster tales, drawn from African-American, Native-American, and European-American sources--a concoction she dubs "Affrilachain" (apparently a play on "Appalachian"). "What do you do when somebody is threatening to turn your grandma into a midnight snack? Well, if you're Rabbit, you don't sit around and cry about it. You don't hide, or run away. You start using...

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