Beyond Sex Ed.

AuthorHallberg, Whitney
PositionEmily's Rebellion - Falling Hard: 100 Love Poems By Teenagers - Indie Girl - Book review

Work Title: Beyond Sex Ed

Work Author(s): Whitney Hallberg

Young Adult

Byline: Whitney Hallberg

The following advice books answer questions beyond "What's happening to my body?" to focus on dating, fash-ion, friends, and good old-fashioned adolescent angst. Fiction, nonfiction, and poetry books can all help girls make it through those years of hormones and painful learning experiences.

Patricia G. Penny's Not Just Proms & Parties series of short novels is aimed at reluctant readers and ESL students, but the books are suitable for any teenage girl with a busy schedule. Only 140 pocket-sized pages long, Emily's Rebellion (Lobster Press, 978-1-897073-73-5) tells the story of the daughter of recently separated parents who defies her mother by getting a tattoo, dates a guy labeled "bad news" by her older brother, and throws a party at the home of her vacationing grandmother, then discovers that some of her jewelry has been stolen. Throughout the story, Emily learns that it is best to tell the truth and deal with the consequences of her actions.

Falling Hard: 100 Love Poems By Teenagers, edited by Betsy Franco (Candlewick, 978-0-7636-3437-7), is a collection of expres-sive and...

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