Beyond Conflict.

Position:Book review

Beyond Conflict

Timothy Phillips

Brideswell Books

c/o Beyond Conflict

1100 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite 300, Cambridge, MA 02138

9780615790572, $24.95, 103pp,

Synopsis: How do wars end? Why are some societies capable of peaceful political transitions while others descend into violence? In "Beyond Conflict: 20 Years of Putting Experience to Work for Peace", Tim Phillips draws from 20 years experience on the front lines of peace negotiations around the world to offer lessons for our current foreign policy challenges. He relates stories of six individuals from South Africa, Guatemala, Northern Ireland, Israel, Chile and Czechoslovakia who stood up to dictatorship, sat down with their enemies and confronted their greatest fears to pave the way for lasting peace and reconciliation. Individuals include: Jan Urban, a Czech dissident, journalist and leading figure in the Velvet revolution to end communism; Roelf Meyer, South Africa's principal government negotiator during the end of Apartheid; Naomi Chazan, a senior Israeli political leader and women's rights activist who pursued peace with the Palestinians; Monica McWilliams, founder of the Northern Ireland Women's Coalition who secured a place for women in negotiating an end to the violent conflict in Northern Ireland; Jose Zalaquett, the Chilean lawyer and human rights activist who helped establish Chile's truth and reconciliation commission following the...

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