Beware the squeezebox.

Author:Courteau, Darcy
Position:WORKS IN PROGRESS - Brief article

Nightmares, magic, subconscious desire, and mothers reluctant to accede sexual potency to their daughters are the stuff of Western fairy tales. To these, Brooklyn-based filmmaker Josephine Decker adds, yes, the accordion. Her movie Squeezebox will tell the story of an 11-year-old girl whose mother harbors a fatal secret. The two live above an accordion shop in New York City, where one of the instruments provides a magical passage away from their shabby surroundings. But this access to nature comes at a cost--the accordion unleashes wickedness in those who play it.

Decker's fairy-tale movie germinated when Walter Kuhr, the owner of an accordion store, taught her to play an accordion her mother had given her. Later, he recruited her for the all-female accordion orchestra...

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