Beware the 6 deadly sins of bad management.


According to an Inc. report, here are the six most common management mistakes that lead to turnover--all avoidable if the right actions are taken:

  1. Not recognizing employees' unique strengths. People love to use their unique talents and gifts, and the good managers will develop relationships with employees to identify those strengths--and bring out the best in their employees.

  2. Poor communication. A Gallup survey found that employees whose managers hold regular meetings with them are almost three times as likely to be engaged.

  3. Not sharing information. Managers who hoard information do it to control their environment. It's a power trip, and their people can't trust them. The foundation for any good relationship is trust.

  4. Micromanaging. Managers who dominate people and decisions are seen as controlling and self-centered. In the long...

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