Between Allah and Jesus.

Position:Book review

Peter Kreeft (author); BETWEEN ALLAH AND JESUS; InterVarsity Press (Religion) $16.00 ISBN: 9780830837465

Imagine driving a car down a familiar street and seeing a woman wearing long, flowing trousers and tunic in complementary colors, her hair and neck completely covered by cloth. Now, imagine the first thoughts one might have upon seeing this person.

Between Allah & Jesus informs readers who aren't part of Islam that much of what they think they know of its adherents is woefully incorrect. Its topics and viewpoints are presented by fictitious characters in a series of discussions that are simultaneously riveting and deeply informative. If that sounds dull on the surface, rest assured it's a false impression.

Boston College student and devout Muslim 'Isa Ben Adam becomes involved in a protracted comparison of Muslim and Christian beliefs and religious practices with three other students (Christians of different sects) and a boardinghouse owner. Through philosophical dialogue, these characters pursue their topics from beginning to end with no one throwing a punch. 'Isa succeeds in showing his classmates that Islam is not solely what world media and certain Muslim sects would have them believe. He also demonstrates that there are more similarities than differences between Muslims and Christians, and acts as a reminder that proclaiming a set of beliefs should be more than just talk.

Author Peter Kreeft holds a PhD in Philosophy from...

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