Better late than never.

Author:Coleman, Arlene
Position:Letters - Letter to the editor

I have subscribed to Bookmarks for about four years. Unfortunately, I delayed my renewal for 2006, and because of my procrastination, I missed out on the Jan/Feb 2006 issue that included reviews of historical fiction--my favorite genre. I have not been able to forgive myself because the back issue is not available. I'm sure that all passionate book lovers--especially those of historical fiction--will understand my yearning for this issue.

Please make that issue available. I, in turn, have learned my lesson and will renew my subscription on time and not miss any future issues.

I promise this letter isn't a plant! I responded to Arlene through e-mail, and she wrote back, "If possible, please print my original email as a warning to other readers." So we had to grant her wish!

Conventional wisdom in the publishing industry is to send renewal notices early and often. My mailbox is full of them. However, we are trying to reduce the number of renewal notices we send to our readers.

Here's our approach: By mail, we send out one "early" renewal notice, with a price break for those who renew at that time. It's the only price break we offer, and we do so as a...

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