Betsy Beansprout Bird-Watching Guide.

Author:Walker, Nancy
Position:Book review - Young adult review

Amber Elmore (author), Josh Hickey (illustrator); BETSY BEANSPROUT BIRD-WATCHING GUIDE; ShadeTree Publishing (Children's: Juvenile Nonfiction) 15.99 ISBN: 9781937331252

Byline: Nancy Walker

Bird watching is the fastest-growing outdoor activity in the United States. According to the US Fish and Wildlife Service, almost fifty-two million Americans report that they watch birds. But what do children raised on a glut of electronic games and devices know about nature in general, and this pastime in particular?

Betsy Beansprout's Bird-Watching Guide, intended for early- to middle-grade children, is Amber Elmore's answer to this question. Published by ShadeTree Publishing, a Christian-based company "dedicated to bringing glory to God," Betsy Beansprout's Bird-Watching Guide is the second book in a series that teaches children how to enjoy nature.

Author Amber Elmore grew up on Watters Smith Memorial State Park in West Milford, West Virginia, where her father was park superintendent. Her books reflect the author's passion for nature. Illustrator and outdoor enthusiast Josh Hickey studied graphic arts and design at Tennessee Technology Center. His hard-edged illustrations use bright colors and cartoon-like images to depict Betsy as a millennial kid with attitude. His illustrations contrast sharply with the lovely watercolor depictions of the protagonist provided by Kasey Short in the first book in the series, Betsy Beansprout Adventure Guide -- which is perhaps an indication that the series is moving toward a more contemporary, anime-influenced visual style.

In this book, six-year-old...

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