Author:Dowdle, Brittany
Position:Book review - Young adult review

Ednah Walters (author); BETRAYED; Spencer Hill Press (Children's: Young Adult Fiction) 12.95 ISBN: 9781937053185

Byline: Brittany Dowdle

Lil Falcon may need help with her physics homework, but when it comes to battling unseen evil forces, she gets all A's. In Awakened, the prequel to Betrayed, Lil discovered that she is not an ordinary teenager, but a nephilim -- a descendant of fallen angels and humans. She begins her training as a nephilim Guardian, learning to combat evil and protect humanity, and learns that she has a special bond with an ancient weapon, the Kris Dagger. In fact, her bond with the Kris Dagger marks her as the Chosen One, destined to play a pivotal role in the battle between good and evil. And if that weren't enough to keep her busy, her boyfriend is behaving suspiciously, her best friend is not talking to her anymore, and her estranged father, a nature-bender demon named Valafar, is determined to be a part of Lil's life -- whether she wants him or not.

In Betrayed, Lil finds herself torn between her loyalties and her fears. She has become accustomed to relying on her fellow junior Guardians, her grandfather and aunt, her small group of human friends, and, most of all, her Guardian boyfriend, Bran, but when danger invades the safety of...

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