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Author:Bethany, Susan
Position:'Victim Psychosis: In the Center City Ghettos', 'Altamont Augie', 'Rediscovering the Gospel: Its Eclipse in American Culture', 'Toes in the Sand: How One Woman Discovered the Gift of Unwavering Faith That Changed Her Life Completely', 'Sanctify', 'Better Than Ever, Again', 'Love is Strong as Death: Our Walk Through the Valley of its Shadow', '...

Victim Psychosis

Ethelbert W. Haskins

Outskirts Press

10940 S. Parker Road - 515, Parker, CO 80134

9781432737245, $19.95,

Rebellion and assimilation are the choices that many minorities face in today's American society. "Victim Psychosis: in the Center City Ghettos" is Ethelbert W. Haskins discussion of the path Black America is taking in their society, and how Black America's rebellion against the established nature in many ways is causing more problems than it solves. "Victim Psychosis" is an intriguing discussion of Black America and the bigger picture behind it all, recommended.

Altamont Augie

Richard Barager

Interloper Press

9780983066101, $15.95,

The Vietnam War not only claimed thousands of lives, it also shattered a country. "Altamont Augie" tells of a couple split by the war. David Noble serves bis country in terrible conditions, seeing the harsh brutality of the war first hand. Jackie, his girlfriend, has gained famed as an anti-war fighter on the home front, as love still lingers between the soldier and his radical peace pusher. Telling a story of a chaotic decade that was a social civil war in itself, "Altamont Augie" is a fascinating read of the harsher conflict of words on the home front and what they meant to the soldier.

Rediscovering the Gospel

Paul Pomerville

Privately Published

9781451522198, $20.00,

The lessons of faith are not taken straight from the bible, but instead through our culture. "Rediscovering the Gospel: Its Eclipse in American Culture" hopes to gain greater understanding of the gospel through understanding the cultural interpretations, both in America and in Jewish culture of Jerusalem two thousand years ago. Seeking a new breed of understanding for greater faith, "Rediscovering the Gospel" presents an intriguing study of it all, a top pick for Christians who want to understand culture and the Bible.

Toes in the Sand

Nena Jackson


1663 Liberty Drive, Bloomington, IN 47403

9781456723705, $15.19,

Faith has more to do with your life than what you do on Sunday. "Toes in the Sand: How One Woman Discovered the Gift of Unwavering Faith That Changed Her Life Completely" is the recollection of Nena Jackson as she advocates the power of faith and what it had done for her life. Stating that faith gave her purpose she hadn't found before in every aspect of life, she advises others to follow her...

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