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The Tyranny of Choice

Renata Salecl

Profile Books

9781846681868, $15.85,

Choice is undoubtedly good, right? "The Tyranny of Choice" delves into the downside of choice, the fear of choosing wrong, the peer pressure of choosing right, and the fact that can stand in the way of social progress. Discussing sociology and the problems that choice and free will introduce to the world, "The Tyranny of Choice" provides an intriguing argument on something that is revered as sacrament in much of western culture, recommended reading for philosophy collections.

The Ten Commandments of Divorce

Donna Martini

Privately Published

c/o Carol Hoenig (publicity)

2840 Grand Ave., Bellmore, NY 11710

9780615470566, $15.95,

A messy divorce is the most horrifying thing a child will ever face. "The Ten Commandments of Divorce: How to Leave Your Marriage Without Breaking Up Your Family" is about remembering the ones you love, while dealing with what you once loved. Donna Martini writes of how to deal with the divorce that so often comes at the end of a marriage, in ways that remembers that family is far more than two people. "The Ten Commandments of Divorce" is a wise read for anyone who is facing divorce and realizes that a divorce of rage isn't the best of solutions.

Skinflint Hints

Erin Lale

Privately Published

9780938923206, $19.95,

As purses tighten, being cheap is a virtue. "Skinflint Hints" is a guide to the art of cheapness from Erin Lale, who presents an exploration of how to save money, from creating personal gardens with free seeds, home remedies, doing your own car maintenance, even tips on running a home business. "Skinflint Hints" is a fine pick for those squeaking by and would like a bigger zone of comfort.

Looking for an Exit

Lisa Tucker

Tate Publishing & Enterprises

127 East Trade Center Terrace

Mustang, OK 73064

9781617775994, $13.99,

Anxiety can dominate one's life very easily. "Looking for an Exit" is an empowering read from Lisa Tucker, as she advises readers to follow her example and come to grips and overcome their phobias. She faced agoraphobia, where one can often feel there is no way out of the situation they are in. Sharing her story, she states that drive can help you overcome one sown agoraphobia, or any such disorder. "Looking for an Exit" is a fine choice for community and library self help collections.

The Gospel of The Fallen Angel


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