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Author:Bethany, Susan
Position:Book review

The Battle of Benburb 1646

Clive Hollick


9781856356701, $39.95,

The last great stand of native Irish army against Scotland and Britain still holds much reverence in today's society. "The Battle of Benburb 1646" chronicles the story surrounding this conflict, the commanders on both sides, as well as the context and what lead up to the battle. Clive Hollick also shows where the Ulster army failed to capitalize to secure their victory, and how although they maintained one glorious victory, it was ultimately for naught. "The Battle of Benburb" is a fine read that shouldn't be overlooked for World History collections.

Responsibility, Usefulness, and Graciousness

Edward R. Johnson


7290 Investment Drive Suite B

North Charleston, SC 29418

9781419692444, $13.99,

The search for purpose in our world is one that drives us all. "Responsibility, Usefulness, and Graciousness: From the Caribbean Isle of Jamaica" is a spirituality discussion from Edward R. Johnson as he presents his own perspective of personal responsibility and spirituality with an analysis of the unique situation of Jamaica, developing unlike any other place on the planet. "Responsibility, Usefulness, and Graciousness" has plenty to think about and consider, recommended reading.

Wisdom from the Streets

Kedric H. Cecil


7290 B Investment Drive

Charleston, SC 29418

9781439236963, $13.99,

A failure isn't a failure if knowledge is gained. "Wisdom from the Streets" is a memoir from Kedric H. Cecil as he pools the knowledge he has gained from living his life and as a therapist to compare the two and making some thoughtful blends on the two comparatively. With many humorous connections, "Wisdom from the Streets" is an enticing read that should be strongly considered.

The Molly Lake Chronicles

Samuel Endicott

Privately Published

9780983434399, $15.99,

With rebellion in horizon, many were simply concerned with their own affairs. "The Molly Lake Chronicles: Barely Afloat" is the second book in Samuel Endicott's books set in late colonial America. In 1765, the boiling part of America's affairs with her mother land Great Britain are reaching a boiling point. Molly and Jean Luc St. Alembert fight to keep their business afloat, as the rumors of rebellion make a seafaring business ever more difficult. "The Molly Lake Chronicles" is a fine work of historical fiction with...

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