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Author:Bethany, Susan
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So You Want to Go to College!

Richard LaDoyt Pinkerton

Vantage Press

419 Park Ave. South, New York, NY 10016

9780533163465, $15.95,

College gives you skills that may be necessary to succeed in tomorrow's world. "So You Want to Go to College!" is a guide from Richard LaDoyt Pinkerton as he advises readers in their pursuit of college, suggesting what one should know before choosing to dedicate years of their life towards college. With advice on paying for it, dealing with the reality of college education, and much more frank advice, "So You Want to Go to College!" is a wise and much recommended pick for anyone considering college for their future.

Not an Oxymoron

Garrett M. Carter

Privately Published

9781463660338, $14.99,

Gerunds can be hard to make fun. "Not an Oxymoron: Standards-Based Fun in the Classroom" is an activity guide for educators who want to encourage learning in their classroom through activities for much to do and encourage more hands on learning in the classroom. Cheap and easy to put in motion projects cover to cover, "Not an Oxymoron" is a useful and strong pick for any teacher who wants to enhance education on a budget.

Renewable Energy

Craig Shields

2Green Energy Alert

9780615388359, $14.95,

There is no silver bullet for the world's oil dependency. "Renewable Energy: Facts and Fantasies: The Tough Realities as Revealed in Interviews with 25 Subject Matter Experts" is an informative read as Craig Shields touches on the rough chronicle of the world's struggle to find a replacement for oil as our use of fossil fuels only increases with greater demand of the population. Touching on the reality, the pros and cons of each solution, "Renewable Energy" is a choice and much recommended read for those concerned about the future of energy.

Restoring the Mind of Black America

Eddie Taylor

African American Images

9781934155615, $15.95,

Thoughtfulness has been fading from the American landscape, especially for many Black Americans. "Restoring the Mind of Black America" is a call from Dr. Eddie Taylor analyzes the progress or lack there of for black America since the Civil Rights Movement and where the path is leading the people. With notes on psychology and the role of the church, "Restoring the Mind of Black America" is an excellent and much recommended read for community library...

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