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Author:Bethany, Susan
Position:Book review


Sid Thatte


100 Enterprise Way, Suite A200

Scotts Valley, CA 95066

9781461121084, $14.95,

Sid Thatte has been teaching students to take competitive academic examinations such as the GRE, the GMAT, and SAT for the past five years. In "SAT/PSAT Math: A Systematic Approach" he draws upon his expertise and experience to compile a 287-page compendium that addresses and explains every math topic and question to be found on the SAT/PSAT. The "SAT/PSAT Math" is a complete do-it-yourself instruction manual the features 450 practice questions (will their complete solutions) and features more than 450 solved examples. Replete throughout with graphs, charts, and geometry, the instructional text is presented in an effectively conversational style. Of special note is an appendix on multiplication tables and interger squares. A complete course of test preparation, this 'reader friendly manual should be considered mandatory for anyone wanting to score their very best on the math portion of the SAT/PSAT.

No Mo' Broke

Horace McMillon

Privately Published

9780578084855, $8.95,

It's hard to be charitable as a Christian when you're the one on the verge of needing charity. "No Mo' Broke" is a personal finance book with a Christian lean from Horace McMillon. With humor and sound and practical advice, "No Mo' Broke" is worth considering for the Christian who is walking the line financially, recommended.

Come Home, Joe

Tim Callahan

Tate Publishing & Enterprises

127 E. Trade Center Terrance, Mustang, OK 73064 4421

9781617395383, $17.99,

Trying to connect with a world after decades with the world proves quite difficult. "Come Home, Joe" tells the story of Joe Hawkins, who scarred by the events of Vietnam, locks himself in the mountains away from the world. But as he tries to return, he finds a terrifying world that is so different from the one he remembers. But the kindness of children may help an old man get back to the world he left behind. "Come Home, Joe" is a moving read of finding something worthy in life.

Let the White Doves Soar

Robert S Dahl

Privately Published

9781460953747, $19.95,

War is a terrible thing, and you need all the support you can find to endure it. "Let the White Doves Soar" is a war drama following Jake Bradford as he copes with his task in fighting in Greece in World War II against the armies of Hitler. With few friends, he faces...

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