Best-Selling Business Books.


Here are the current best-selling books for business. The list is compiled based on information received from retail bookstores throughout the U.S.

  1. The New New Thing. Michael Lewis. Stalking Jim Clark as he prowls Silicon Valley. (Norton, $25.95)

  2. How to Create A Profitable Business Strategy for the Internet and Beyond. Patrician B. Seybold with Ronni T. Marshak. How to get new customers via the Internet. (Time Business-Random House, $27.50)

  3. The Nudist on the Late Shift. Po Bronson. Brief views on the kind of people who work in Silicon Valley. (Random House, $25.00)

  4. The Innovator's Dilemma. Clayton M. Christensen. How old-line firms are brought low by high technology. (Harvard Business School Press, $27.50)

  5. The Millionaire Next Door. Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko. Millionaires are made of discipline, work and frugality. (Longstreet Press, $22)

  6. Business at the Speed of Thought. Bill Gates. Gates forecasts how business will work in the Knowledge Age. (Warner Books, $30.00)

  7. Who Moved My Cheese? Spencer Johnson. A way to deal with change at work and...

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