Best online resources 2004.

Author:Ellet, Bill

In this report we collect brief reviews of the best online resources we reviewed in 2004. We use the term "resources" deliberately. Although conventional asynchronous courses are on the list so are simulations and assessments. And even the courses we evaluate sometimes have learning resources that go far beyond asynchronous web modules. SkillSoft courses, for instance, provide the learner with a multitude of learning materials that are not very courselike, Example: Books24X7, a website featuring an extensive collection of books on training and business topics.

The reviews in this report are shortened versions of those published on the Training Media Review website. We have edited them to convey the essential content of the originals but allow quick reading. For the full-length articles, type in the url we provide in the Comparative Ratings table (page 2). You must be a TMR member to access the reviews.

The Comparative Ratings table also includes the best online resources we reviewed in 2003. This report does not include reviews of the 2003 resources. For those reviews, use the urls...

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