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Author:Welch, Donnie
Position::From the Publisher - Editorial

Welcome to the 2017 Book of Lists, an invaluable business resource that provides information about the leading companies in numerous industries in Utah. At Utah Business, we have compiled our annual Book of Lists for nearly two decades now, and the publication has become an invaluable resource for seasoned executives, entrepreneurs and even job seekers.

The Book of Lists ranks companies in several industries based on metrics like revenue or total full-time employees. These lists highlight the companies that are heavyweights in their industries and that are making an impact on Utah and its economy. Most of the lists are developed using opt-in surveys with information provided by the companies themselves. Other information comes from agencies like the Utah State Department of Financial Institutions, the Securities and Exchange Commission and the SBA, among others.

Completing a survey is free and businesses don't have to be advertisers or subscribers to be included in our lists. They simply must have a physical presence in the state of Utah. If you believe your company should be included on a list, simply contact research@

Utah Business has a long tradition of celebrating the successes of Utah's companies and executives. While our Book of Lists serves to showcase the top-ranking businesses in the state, our primary objective is to provide accurate, useful...

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