THE U.S. ECONOMY is picking up steam, and businesses are actively recruiting, hiring and promoting qualified employees. More and more leading companies place a premium on diversity and inclusion as they expand their workforces. What are the best opportunities for Latinos in this expanding market? Latino Leaders researched the top employers for Latinos, using such criteria as number of Latino employees; programs to recruit, promote and retain Latinos; outreach programs (both internal and external); and Latino representation in the boardroom, management and supply chain.

Here, in alphabetical order, are this year's top employers.

COMPANY INDUSTRY % OF HISPANIC EMPLOYEES 1 ACCENTURE PROFESSIONAL 7% SERVICE 2 AFLAC INSURANCE 34% 3 AMERICAN AIRLINES TRANSPORTATION N/A 4 ARTHREX MANUFACTURING 42% 5 AT&T TELECOMMUNICATIONS 13% 6 BANK OF AMERICA FINANCIAL SERVICES N/A 7 BAPTIST HEALTH HEALTH CARE 54% SOUTH FLORIDA 8 CADENCE TECHNOLOGY 3% 9 CAMDEN PROPERTY REAL ESTATE 34% TRUST 10 CAPITAL ONE FINANCIAL SERVICES 49% minority 11 CARNIVAL HOSPITALITY, N/A TRAVEL AND TOURISM 12 THE CHEESECAKE RESTAURANT 38% FACTORY 13 CIGNA INSURANCE N/A 14 CISCO TECHNOLOGY 5.3% 15 COCA-COLA BEVERAGTES 16 COLGATE-PALMOLIVE CONSUMER GOODS N/A 17 COMCAST TELECOMMUNICATION N/A 18 CREDIT ACCEPTANCE FINANCIAL SERVICES 7% 19 DELL TECHNOLOGY N/A 20 FANNIE MAE FINANCIAL SERVICES N/A 21 FEDEX TRANSPORTATION 14% 22 FORD AUTOMOTIVE N/A 23 FOUR SEASONS HOSPITALITY 30% HOTELS AND RESORTS 24 FREDDIE MAC FINANCIAL SERVICES N/A 25 GENENTECH BIOTECHNOLOGY 8% 26 GENERAL MOTORS AUTOMOTIVE 5% 27 HILTON HOSPITALITY 29% 28 HYATT HOTELS HOSPITALITY 28% CORPORATION 29 IKEA FURNITURE 19.7% 30 INTRADECO RETAIL 42% 31 JOHNSON & JOHNSON CONSUMER PRODUCTS N/A 32 JP MORGAN CHASE FINANCIAL SERVICES 20% 33 KAISER PERMANENTE HEALTH CARE 17.5% 34 KIMPTON HOTELSAND HOSPITALITY 32% RESTAURANTS 35 MARRIOTT HOSPITALITY 29% INTERNATIONAL 36 MAMI CHILDREN'S HEALTH CARE 65% HEALTH SYSTEM 37 MICROSOFT SOFTWARE 5.5% 38 NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE N/A 39 NORDSTROM RETAIL 19% 40 NUSTAR ENERGY ENERGY 20% 41 NVIDIA TECHNOLOGY 3% 42 PRUDENTIAL FINANCIAL SERVICES N/A FINANCIAL 43 PWC FINANCIAL SERVICES 33% minority 44 T-MOBILE TELECOMMUNICATIONS N/A 45 TD INDUSTRIES CONSTRUCTION AND 38% REAL ESTATE 46 ULTIMATE SOFTWARE INFORMATION 18% TECHNOLOGY 47 UPS DISTRIBUTION N/A 48 USAA FINANCIAL SERVICES 31% 49 VERIZON TELECOMMUNICATIONS N/A 50 WELLS FARGO FINANCIAL SERVICES N/A COMPANY 1 ACCENTURE ACCENTURE aggressively recruits Latino employees as part of its strategy to develop a diverse workforce. It launched a new program to reward employees who recruit minority job candidates. The company also facilitates open conversation about diversity, both inside and outside the organization. More than one-half of its staff is ethnically diverse. 2 AFLAC THE COMPANY recently ran a television campaign that promoted the benefits to Hispanics of working as an independent agent. Nearly one-half (46 percent) of the company's workforce is composed of ethnic minorities. This commitment comes from the top down, because 23 percent of its officers are minorities. 3 AMERICAN AIRLINES THE COMPANY'S Diversity Advisory Board promotes companywide educational, community service and personal enrichment opportunities. The Hispanic Latino Employee Resource Group, founded in 1997, is an example of American's commitment to the U.S. Hispanic market. Its mission is to promote an environment that facilitates the hiring, professional development and promotional opportunities of Hispanic employees, while enhancing American's global competitiveness and its image. 4 ARTHREX THE DIRECTOR of recruiting is responsible for the success of formal recruiting and retention diversity goals. Written policy prohibits discrimination based on gender, disability, race/ethnicity, religious beliefs, gender and sexual orientation. Formal programs (such as resource groups, mentorship, networking, or other affinity groups) support professional development speakers of English as a second language. 5 AT&T AT&T'S Latino Employee Resource Group (HACEMOS) comprises more than 7,200 employees in 37 chapters nationwide. The group has awarded more than 12.5 million in scholarships since 1999. The company consistently earns high ratings for outreach and retention of Latino employees from the Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility. It spends more than $1 billion annual with minority suppliers. 6 BANK OF AMERICA THE U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has recognized Bank of America for its concerted efforts to recruit and promote Latinos. The company sponsors a Hispanic-Latino Leadership Summit, and newspaper publisher Monica Lozano is on its board. Bank of America has operated a supplier diversity and development program for more than 25 years. The bank serves more than eight million Hispanic customers. 7 BAPTIST HEALTH LATINOS COMPRISE more than one-half of SOUTH FLORIDA the workforce of this leading healthcare and hospital system. The company promotes professional and personal growth through $10,000 annual tuition reimbursements, leadership courses from Baptist Health University and career counseling...

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