Best companies: for Latinos in tech.

The cornerstone of any great domestic economy has always been diversification. So when the United States saw exponential investment in technology infrastructure and data management, the only real question was how lucrative could it get?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014 saw 17 million people employed in the technology field. Just three years later, it became a $100 billion industry with efforts across the country and in Washington D.C. to prepare more Hispanics for the jobs of the future. Not only would that empower the economic influence of the nation's largest minority block, but also it would make a dent in the staggering under-representation in the ranks of employees and executives.

The discrepancy is not so jarring until recent statistics by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) stated the private high tech sector only employed 13 percent Latinos in its total workforce. Hispanic executives in the technology field nationwide hover at a dismal 5 percent of the payroll. Yet there are silver linings finally emerging with national companies actively seeking Latino employees with a wide variety of outreach programs and diversity incentives. These are the top tech companies for Hispanics across the country.


The firm boasts over 47,000 employees and has already made strides to bring in a diverse workforce to the tune of 7.3 percent of their employees being Hispanic. That is above the average for a company their size. Among executive positions, Latinos make up over 750 employees.

It also launched a new referral program to reward employees for successfully referring women and minority candidates in the US. And, as a company, it is facilitating open, conversations about diversity with current employees, within the industry and in the communities where their potential employees work and live.

Additional programs include Diversity Management courses to equip executives with skills to manage diverse teams effectively, while fostering an inclusive work environment. Also, Professional Development enables ethnically diverse employees to build skills for success through leadership, client-centricity, negotiation and performance, among others.

The Diverse Supplier Development Program pairs executive mentors with "protege" businesses to strengthen the relationships with minority-run companies. The goal is to develop diverse suppliers. To date, that has included 70 in the country with a 2020 plan to reach 170 partnerships domestically.


Around the world, it places the responsibility of building diverse teams and fostering an inclusive environment on a corporate structure continually on the lookout for talented employees. This accountability starts with CEO, Brian Moynihan, who chairs the Global Diversity and Inclusion Council.

More than half of the global...

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