Best Business Practices; Guidelines and Tools for Team Planning and Learning Faster Than Your Competitors.

Author:Silverstein, Barry
Position:Book review

Alan G. Thomas, Larry Kennedy, and Ralph L. LoVuolo; BEST BUSINESS PRACTICES; Systematic Innovative Management (Nonfiction: Business & Economics) 45.95 ISBN: 9780996282604

Byline: Barry Silverstein

As deftly organized as it is practical, this could well be one of the more pertinent, valuable resources available to small-business owners.

Best Business Practices is not a traditional business book; rather, it is a uniquely formatted management guidebook divided into two distinct but interrelated parts. Part 1, "The Concise Guide to Innovative Management," revolves around "fifteen principles of innovative management," each of which is highlighted and discussed in brief, high-impact chapters packed with informed and relevant advice. Incorporated into the chapters is a concept called "triple loop learning"; key elements for "creating a climate of learning" are marked throughout the chapters with a graphic symbol. These elements include such conditions as "Treat your key people as full partners with respect to the seeking of purpose and direction," "Lead by example by being open and intellectually honest," and "Encourage people at all levels to challenge the status quo."

Part 2 of the book, "The Business Knowledge Navigator," is really a collection of tools -- in effect, surveys presented in sections that cover competitive analysis, company organization and management, marketing and sales...

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