Best Bet: A Novel (The Hallie Palmer Series).

Position:Book review

Laura Pedersen; BEST BET: A NOVEL (THE HALLIE PALMER SERIES); iUniverse (Fiction) $14.95 ISBN: 9781440170171

Home may be where the heart is but sometimes it takes a trip around the world to figure out exactly where your heart belongs.

Hallie Palmer believes she is just one more step away from full-time happiness: shes about to graduate college move in with her longtime boyfriend and start a new job. But her plans are put asunder by a delusional adviser who neglected to inform her of the proper number of credits needed to graduate; suddenly she faces another semester of school. Luck may still be on her side though; an old friend offers her a trip around the world as part of a sociology experiment in lieu of a boring classroom. Despite her boyfriends lack of enthusiasm and subsequent ultimatum off she flies.

Traveling doesnt bring quite the excitement she thought it would. Sure she and the rest of the team party on a beach in Hawaii see the Taj Mahal at sunrise win big at a Malaysian casino and visit an alternative lifestyle pub in Donegal but still Hallie feels like something is missing. Finally in the midst of a less-than-passionate embrace with her friend Josh she realizes what that something is. Luckily its the end of the trip and she flies home to find it. But regaining the love and trust of the people she left behind proves to be as challenging as navigating the chaotic streets of New Delhi.

Reading Best Bet is like being at a party with some very funny people; Laura Pedersen who has won prizes for her fiction and...

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