BERMUDA-DEATH-Bermuda mourns death of civil rights campaigner.


Premier David Burt has led tributes to Dr Eva Hodgson, a Bermudian civil rights campaigner, teacher, historian and author, who has died aged 95, calling her 'an incisive voice for change'.

'In clear and unmistakably honest terms, Dr Hodgson told the story of Bermuda and the impact of its tortured history of race relations and economic inequality.

Dr Eva Hodgson

'Her intellect was devoted to enlightening and inspiring generations of Bermudians to not repeat the mistakes of the past but to strive for a better society in which race was no barrier to success.'

Dale Butler, a former Progressive Labour Party (PLP) minister, also an author, said Hodgson was an uncompromising voice for racial equality.

Butler, who was taught by Hodgson and later worked with her as a colleague at a secondary school, said she had 'dedicated her life to the cause that black people have had to endure'.

He said she recorded 'the uphill climb and struggle and the daily burden of life that few others have had to endure'.

Opposition Leader Craig Cannonier said Hodgson would be 'recorded by history as one of Bermuda's leading social rights campaigners. In particular, history will highlight her tireless efforts to achieve social and economic parity for black people.'

Cannonier added: 'Often outspoken and often vilified, Dr Hodgson never faltered. I have no doubt that because of her efforts, Bermuda is a better place today. I have no doubt...

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