Berlin ata glance.

1 Book Dealer Rachel Salamander

2 Bleibergs Cafe

3 Holocaust Memorial & Information Center

4 Topography of Terror

5 Jewish Museum Berlin

6 Memorial for Remembrance of the Book Burning

7 Jewish Theater Berlin (Bimah)

8 New Synagogue / Centrum Judaicum

9 Jewish Community of Berlin

10 Beth Cafe

11 Anne Frank Center & Museum Otto Weidt's Workshop for the Blind

12 GroBe Hamburger Strage

Judisches Gymnasium Moses Mendelssohn

Missing House Graphic

The Abandoned Room (Memorial)


Tombstone of Moses Mendelsohn/Old Jewish Cemetery

13 Kahal Adass Jisroel e.V.

14 Jewish Cemetery Schonhauser Ake

15 Synagogue Rykestrage

16 Gablinger Berlin Tours

Building a memory of you and me

Is possible, just like:

Building a house with one stone

Writing a poem without the word "I"

Drinking until I'm thirsty again.

You wake up tired

Nightmares are chasing you like trains

Old professor in pajamas, father,

I could never get the equation

But these were your warm hands to teach me how to hold.

Years later

Cities later

Wars later

I teach myself every night, like a prayer,

The art of letting go.

Maya Kuperman is an award-winning Israeli poet and...

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