Bennett, Nigel & Elrod, P.N. His father's son.

Author:DeMarco, Joseph R.
Position:Book Review - Young Adult Review - Brief Article

Baen. 398p. c2001. 0-7434-3531-1. $6.99. A

A sequel to Keeper of the King (1997), this novel opens with a steamy lovemaking scene between Richard d'Orleans and his female lover. It is the Middle Ages and d'Orleans, we find, is really Sir Lancelot. But this is only [he beginning. The major plot and work of this nove] takes place in the present. In fact, it is said to be a de-in to TV's long-ago cancelled Forever Knight, in which Bennett played an evil but wise vampire foil to the major good-guy vamp. He has turned his skills to writing and happily collaborates with P.N. Elrod, which may help to explain the high level of writing in this book. The authors make you see and feel, smell and taste everything that comes the way of the characters--including sex, and there's lots of it.

In the present, Richard d'Orleans is a security specialist in Canada and receives an urgent e-mail from a former lover. It seems her husband got mixed up with his brother's drug dealings but then had misgivings and turned state's...

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