Bennet, Holly. The Bonemender.

Author:Squicciarini, Stephanie
Position:Brief Article - Children's Review - Book Review

BENNET, Holly. The bonemender. Orca. 203p. map. c2005. 1-55143-336-2. $7.95. JS

Lady Gabrielle, of the Kingdom of Verdeau, is a bonemender--a healer. Bonemenders are not common and among bonemenders, Gabrielle is quite extraordinary. Daughter to King Jerome and Queen Solange, Gabrielle has powers to heal through touch--touch and an intense physical concentration of her thoughts and energy. When a strange traveler named Denais is attacked by a wild boar, his companion Feolan is able to get him to Gabrielle. She immediately senses something is different about these men, but accepts them into her kingdom and heals Denais as she would any other man. Feolan ultimately tells Gabrielle and her family they are Elves, and during their scouting mission they discovered that enemies of Verdeau are mounting an attack to take over the territories.

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