Beloved Idea.

AuthorKraft, Keya
PositionBook review

Work Title: Beloved Idea

Work Author(s): Ann Killough

Alice James Books

80 Pages, Softcover $14.95


ISBN: 9781882295654

Reviewer: Keya Kraft

Disentangling the complicated intersections of faith and American identity drive the progression of the twenty-three poems that make up Beloved Idea. The 2003 winner of the Robert Phillips Poetry Chapbook Prize, this is Killough's first book-length collection of poetry.

Beloved Idea is a collection of prose poems in which the basic unit of grammar is the sentence, and the basic unit of meaning the metaphor. Interested in the way language creates or deflates meaning, Killough explores the power of the metaphor as an "unspeakable opening," manifesting itself in her first poem as a wound that makes its writer vulnerable to the violence of misreading. The collection is concerned specifically with the way language, literal and figurative, constructs a collective identity like that of nation or body politic. She meditates on "the gluttonous national / evangelism of understanding. / Within which the beloved idea hung like a lost sheep" in "body in evidence."

Killough's privileging of the metaphor as the sacred idea proposes a poetic alternative to the focus on the literal word so often associated...

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