Bell, Julia. Massive.

Author:Wells, Annette
Position:Brief Article - Children's Review - Book Review

BELL, Julia. Massive. Simon and Schuster. 261 p. c2002.1-4169-0207-4. $6,99. J

"The bathroom is right next to Mum's room, I run the tap full on so the water squeals and I try not to retch too loudly. I am getting good at this." Meet Carmen, who lives in the shadow of her mom's eating disorder. This is one teen's account of the way that shadows reach out and eventually pull her in, destroying any remnants of a healthy relationship with food. Her morn constantly berates her, calls her "piggy," refuses to stock the refrigerator, and fosters an environment where Carmen finds it impossible to eat without judgment. Carmen's only escape is her mom's estranged sister, Lisa. In the end, morn is hospitalized because her "body is starting to digest her vital organs and the muscles around the heart...

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