Bell, Joanne. Breaking trail.

Author:Green, Hauser
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

BELL, Joanne. Breaking trail. Groundwood Books. 135p. c2005. 0-88899-662-4. $6.95. JS

This should be a happy and exciting time for Becky. After all, she has just selected the first dogs for her sled team, and she is determined to have them trained and ready for participation in the Junior Quest, a five-day journey across Alaska. However, she can't shake the sense of dread that's been hanging over her for the past several months. Ever since her father gave up trapping and the family moved to town, he hasn't been the same. He's irritable, depressed, and unable to connect with his family, and Becky overheard her mother talking about a possible divorce. She knows that this summer, back in their mountain cabin for a few months, may be their last season as a family. She throws herself into the task of moving her three difficult, inexperienced dogs over the rough miles and melting ice between town and home. The family's...

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