Bell, Hilari. The goblin wood.

Author:Musher, Samantha
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

BELL, Hilari. The goblin wood. HarperCollins. 371p. map. c2003. 0-06-051373-X. $6.99. JS*

The Goblin Wood begins with a violent act: young Makenna's mother is murdered by her village for being a hedgewitch, a practitioner of small-time healing magic. To save herself, Makenna flees to the woods with her mother's spellbooks. While stealing food from another village, Makenna meets the goblin Cogswhallop, who has problems of his own. Goblins, like hedgewitches, are being persecuted by the Decree of Bright Magic recently passed by the kingdom's priests. Makenna and Cogswhallop join forces to stop the persecution.

Five years later. Makenna is a young woman beloved by the goblins as their general and feared by the humans as a great sorceress. Goblins have fled beyond the Goblin Wall in the north; humans are being pushed north by southern barbarians and need to settle beyond the Wall, destroying the goblins in the process. Makenna and her army stand in the way of this plan. Tobin, a young knight...

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