Bell brings the best to bicycling.

Position:What's New? - Bell GelTech Seat, Bell Night Charger, Bell TotalFit Speedometer/Pedometer/Calorie Counter from Bell Sports - Brief Article - Product/Service Evaluation

In years past, whenever we needed a bicycle helmet for ourselves or the kids, there was no need to look any further than Bell Sports, Santa Cruz, Calif., with an unmatched collection of colorful and top-quality headgear for cyclists of all ages and sizes. This biking season, though, since our helmet needs have been met, we sought out some other Bell products.

Studies show that "sore bottoms" are the number-one reason people stop riding. Not wanting to become just another statistic, we were only too glad to try out the Bell GelTech Seat ($24.99). With Bel IGel inserts providing super padding and superior shook absorption, we're able to keep pedaling for hours. Our once-tender bum thanks you.

The Bell Night Charger ($24.99), meanwhile, is the first fully rechargeable bicycle light system, making after-dark...

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