Bell Bottoms to Gucci.

Bell Bottoms to Gucci

Ellen Everman

Acclaim Press

9781948901185, $24.95, HC, 234pp,

Synopsis: "Bell Bottoms to Gucci" is set in the year 1964 when the first protests of that era are born-campus takeovers, billy-clubbing, students being dragged into police vans, etc. Patti's boyfriend, David, a student at UC Berkeley inspired by the real kingpin of protests in those days takes Patti under his wing and grooms her for the stereotypical role of hippie campus protester.

Hell No, We Won't Go! echoes her true feelings about the Vietnam War during her college years. But after three assassinations and the Kent State shootings, Patti wears down and eventually admits her revulsion of the protests themselves. Upon graduation she returns home and grabs the gusto of a different life when she enters the yuppie corporate environment.

From The Plaza in NYC to corporate boardrooms to the Fifth Avenue pied-a-terre of a wealthy descendant of Dutch patroons, Patti navigates a world of deception, greed, high...

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