BELIZE-HEALTH-Belize monitoring international alerts on coronavirus.


Belize Monday said it is monitoring the international alerts regarding the spread of the deadly Novel Coronavirus (nCoV) and urged citizens to take the usual measures and precautions for the prevention of the flu virus.

The Ministry of Health in a statement said it 'aware and is monitoring the international alerts in relation to a new strain of coronavirus that has been linked to severe cases of respiratory tract infections.

'The virus which has seemingly originated in central China and which has now spread to at least three other countries, is now being transmitted through human to human contact. As with all new viruses and infections, we will be guided by the international alerts and in line with International Health Regulations.'

It said that 'for now, we remain in close communication with our regional partners and we will be updating any information as may be required.'

On Monday, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) called on member states, including those in the Caribbean to strengthen surveillance activities to detect any unusual respiratory health event as the number of people infected with a new...

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