Believe Me; The Evangelical Road to Donald Trump.

Author:Grant, Matt
Position:Book review

John Fea; BELIEVE ME; Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing (Nonfiction: Political Science) 24.99 ISBN: 9780802876416

Byline: Matt Grant

In its struggle to understand how conservative Christian evangelicals -- the same men and women who profess to be followers of Jesus -- could not only support a morally bankrupt presidential candidate like Donald Trump, but also overwhelmingly vote him into office, John Fea's Believe Me is an enlightening text.

A professor of history at Messiah College, Fea examines the rise of political evangelical activism in America, stretching all the way back to the nation's founding and solidified in the 1970s. Armed with a "playbook" marked by stoking a false sense of fear over Christians losing ground in a constant cultural and moral war, evangelical leaders throughout history have thrown their support behind the candidates they feel are best suited to push their agendas. The problem, the text says, is that this often means compromising their moral or religious views in return for political power -- the very antithesis of everything Jesus taught.

Fea is an evangelical himself, but his tract thankfully avoids sounding like...

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