Being Esther.

Author:Menlove, Leia
Position:Brief article - Book review

Miriam Karmel (author); BEING ESTHER; Milkweed Editions (Fiction: Literary) 22.00 ISBN: 9781571310965

Byline: Leia Menlove

Esther Lustig, anti-Golden Girl and heroine of Being Esther, is coping with senescence. Her children are dismissive. Her late husband haunts her. Her friends have died, deteriorated, or moved away. "She considers the infinite frustrations of living in an aging body." Welcome to old age.

As she navigates her days, counting time, Esther longs for a life of deliberation, of adventure, of autonomy. "She wants to wake up each morning with a sense of purpose She wants to be something other than the object of concerned looks and condescension."

Yet Being Esther is no heavy novel. Esther's quirky anguish is gently humorous, as when she conflates the ineffable with the mundane. In a...

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