Behind the Scenes: The Racehorse.

AuthorBlack, Angela
PositionYoung adult review - Book review

Work Title: Behind the Scenes: The Racehorse

Work Author(s): Nikki Tate

Fitzhenry & Whiteside

95 illustrations, 72 pages, Softcover $18.95, 978-155455-032-6; Hardcover $22.95, 978-1555455-018-0

Middle Readers:Nonfiction

ISBN: 9781554550180

Reviewer: Angela Black

As early as the 1600s, horse owners in England and Ireland raced each other across open country using a distant church as a goal post. This tradition that became known as the steeplechase, is one of many facts explained in this book about the racehorse.

Beginning with a compact history of horse and human interaction from ancient times to today, the book introduces readers to basic industry language; for example the definitions of trot, canter, gallop, and the differences between a quarter horse race and steeplechase. Other chapters explore horse breeding, training, and care. Life at the race track is detailed through descriptions of the roles of the jockeys, grooms, trainers, veterinarians, and paddock judges. Significant exploration of the race world includes the racing business, track maintenance, horse safety (head gear, saddles, equine swimming pools, etc.), race day nuts and bolts, horse retirement, and even the...

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