Before We Went Wireless.

Author:Mennies, Rachel
Position:Book review

Ivor Hughes (author), David Ellis Evans (author); BEFORE WE WENT WIRELESS; Images from the Past (Autobiography & Memoir) $35.00 ISBN: 9781884592539

Byline: Rachel Mennies

As David Ellis Evans and Ivor Hughes note, modern people live in a device-driven world. Most read, talk, research, and relax on computers and cell phones, oftentimes without ever wondering how this high tech world came to be so. Thanks to Evans and Hughes, Before We Went Wireless provides a thorough look into the ancestry of laptops, smartphones, and their ilk. "These technologies," they write, "which we take for granted and on which we are so dependent, can be traced back to the pioneering work of Victorian scientists."

One particular Victorian scientist, David Edward Hughes, improved upon Samuel Morse's famous telegraph instrument, and worked as an early inventor of wireless and metal detection technologies. Before We Went Wireless serves as an extended biography of Hughes, "a man who ushered in the Communications Age." Hughes' inventions helped lead to the creation of present technologies, and as a result his biography makes for a compelling read, one that illuminates the foundation of the current state of communication.

Before We Went Wireless chronicles Hughes' journey from beginning to end, focusing on both his life's work and his life itself. Hughes, thought of as a "child prodigy," improved upon the telegraph, effectively doubling the rate of words per minute...

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