Before We Say "Goodnight".

Position:Book review

Hank Frazee (author); BEFORE WE SAY "GOODNIGHT"; Sycamore Canyon Publishing (Family & Relationships) $19.95 ISBN: 9780984351107

In the last twelve years, Hank Frazeeas three children have enjoyed more than 7,000 bedtime stories. Each night he shared a small piece of their family history with them, building a bond not just between the four of them, but between the children and their extended family and friends as well. Over the years, Frazee developed a method for jogging his memory and relaying the tales in an interesting way. His book shares this method with readers so they, too, can easily share bedtime stories about their lives with their children.

In addition to passing on family history, bedtime stories are also a natural way to pass on the parentas values. Frazee prefers to keep bedtime relaxed, avoiding lecturing or trying to instruct his kids with his stories. He has found that the moral of the story becomes naturally clear in the course of its telling, and kids figure it out on their own. In fact, kids often absorb the lessons better when they arenat pointed out by adults. A relaxed approach helps parents wind down at the end of the day and enjoy...

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