Author:Millard, Elizabeth
Position:Book review

Tammy Horn (author); BEECONOMY; The University Press of Kentucky (Nonfiction: Body, Mind & Spirit) $29.95 ISBN: 9780813134369

Byline: Elizabeth Millard

Beekeepers around the world are struggling with "colony collapse," a process whereby bees are disappearing at an alarming rate. This challenging situation highlights many issues about the role that bees play, including sustainability, nutrition, economic disparities, and environmental policies. Particularly interesting is the part that women have played in the beekeeping world, believes author Tammy Horn, and how their expertise might help to usher in both a new era and a new economy.

"The rises and precipitous falls of women beekeepers make for a fascinating tale when one considers that women often have been disenfranchised of property ownership, advanced educational opportunities, and financial subsidies," she writes.

Horn is well qualified to delve into the beekeeping world. Raised with beekeepers on both sides of her family, she's now the director of Coal Country Beeworks, a multi-service project in eastern Kentucky that focuses on reclaiming habitat for pollinators. She's also published a previous book on the topic, Bees in America: How the Honey Bee Shaped a Nation.

In this engaging, deeply researched investigation of the interplay between women and beekeeping, Horn goes beyond looking at hive-related products like beeswax, honey, and cosmetics, and explores the potential for beekeeping to change family dynamics...

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