Bechard, Margaret. Spacer and Rat.

Author:Farmer, Lesley
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

BECHARD, Margaret. Spacer and Rat. Roaring Brook. 192p. c2005. 1-59643-058-3. $16.95. J

Jack is a Spacer, working in a bar on an inhabited asteroid. His family was one of the early colonists from Earth, which is slowly being evacuated. Jack's luck is looking up as he is slated for a better job on the distinct colony of Liberty; he is also promised a lucrative amount of credits (i.e., money) if he can find the whereabouts of a sentient bot. Then he bumps into a "rat": a scrawny Earthie girl named Kit. Teenage spacers get their kicks bullying Earthies, and Kit is no exception. However, she is surprisingly wily, and she persuades Jack to help her out. Jack discovers that Kit is bound for Seattle Prime, another space station, to deliver her dead father's great invention: the sought-after bot. Jack knows that inventing intelligent bots is illegal, but when the bot, who names himself Waldo, helps the duo out of a tight jam, Jack can't bear to betray the girl and her companion. As a result, all three are being hunted, and...

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