Beauty and personal care labels: capturing attention at the shelf remains a key market driver.

Author:Hrinya, Greg

Upon walking into CVS or Walgreens, a customer is often faced with an endless wall of beauty and personal care items. In order to truly make an informed decision, a consumer would need to take the rest of the day off from work. Since a lengthy list of ingredients and information await a prospective buyer, this is one case where a book is often judged by its cover.

With entire stores dedicated to these products, designing a package that stands out from the rest is no easy task. This market not only deals with the challenge of creating an attractive product that pops on the shelves, but the labels must adhere to a host of regulations required by law.

The job is understood: create a label that informs and catches a consumer's eye, all within a few seconds. Otherwise, someone is not making it back to work for the afternoon.

Brand owners work with label printers to find ways to command attention on a crowded shelf. From the printing process to the color scheme, each label uses a different route to arrive at the same destination.


Regardless of how a company decides to design its labels, finding something that pops and draws the consumer's glance is paramount. Brands know that there is a limited amount of time to hook a customer and stand out from the competition.

"I think shelf appeal is still a core priority, from the brand's perspective and from the end users of our product," says Tim Bohlke, business development manager, HPC, at Avery Dennison. "Certainly winning at the shelf, whether it be with a metalized product or a clear-on-clear bottle; that is not getting old. That is the first moment of truth."

Companies continue to explore new technologies in order to generate more attention at the point of sale. For Minneapolis, MN-based AWT Labels & Packaging, that includes metallic label materials, as well as shrink sleeves and flexible tube labels to use up a product's entire real estate.

"We have continued interest to find materials and inks that grab consumer attention within ten seconds in the store aisle," says Chip Fuhrmann, VP of sales and marketing at AWT. "We want to encourage label designs that project product quality and that appeal to the consumers' taste."

There are multiple trends that have dominated the market recently, and they are helping brands experiment with new ways to drive business. In addition to shrink sleeves, Patchogue, NY-based Paris Art Label notices digital printing and pouches as emerging packaging technologies. "Paris Art has invested in these areas to offer our clients an array of packaging outside the pressure sensitive label market," says Jonathan Tarantino, the company's VP of sales. "Not only do we manufacture shrink sleeves and labels, we also have the ability to apply these items in house.

"Digital printing offers the ability to reduce your working...

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